Why Christmas Is Worse Than Valentine’s Day

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a sucker for my yearly loot of Christmas gifts, the warm happiness that comes with being with your family and fairy lights. But, I dislike Christmas for the farce it has become. The cacophony of commercials and all the perkiness can get to people like me.

Does that sound familiar? It did remind me of something.


But, here’s why I think Christmas goes a step ahead of everyone’s favourite ¬†bashing material when it comes to festivals made up by the capitalistic and commercial necessities of The Matrix. (you heard me. i am onto you.) –

1. If you thought it sucked being alone on Valentine’s Day, think about being alone on Christmas. Yeah. At least with the former, people would cheer you up by saying, “Awww. Love will find you”. If you’re alone on Christmas, you’re either Ebenezer Scrooge or Lucifer himself.

2. You have to buy gifts for people you don’t even like and then be called names behind your back if you didn’t put enough “thought” into it. Admit it. We all have done that. Well, excuse me, family member I meet only once a year – I DON’T KNOW YOU. JUST GIVE ME MONEY AND LEAVE ME ALONE.

3. ‘Tis cold and I want to be in bed. Not really the season to be jolly.

4. You have to convince some grown (wo)men that Santa does not exist. Cupid has always been a lie.

5. You always end up with at least ONE bad memory when you’re done with Christmas. Valentine’s Day always ends in a blur or inconsequentially.

6. Being perky on Christmas is difficult. Being a bitch on Valentine’s Day is still acceptable.

See that? That is proof. Though, of course, I will not deny that I ran back home to be with my parents on Christmas because I wanted gifts and love and I am a neeeddddyy child. YES. I said that out loud. Also, some people just do not enjoy anything more than a warm bed, nine (YES, NINE) books and food at regular intervals okay?