What It Is Not. Or Is. Or Should Be.

I read this a few days back and could not stop thinking about it. Of course, I had to tell someone why. The generation I am a part of seems to be pretty unabashed about our opinions. So, here goes.

You see, the last thing that many people have on their minds when they they think of love is love itself. They think of attachment, desire, lust, obsession… However, what we fail to do is embrace the all-consuming feeling that love is. My Dad once told me, in an e-mail (Bless that wise old man) – “You should trust yourself, have faith and believe in the goodness of love. The feeling of lightness that comes with it will let you soar high and then you won’t need to fear walking on eggshells.”

Isn’t that the truth? We’re all just afraid of what it does to us. Why should we put someone else’s needs ahead of ours? We think we’re losing ourselves or our individuality like that. Fair enough. But, did you see their face when they are thaaaat happy? When you gave away that last slice of pizza? When you waltzed in at 2 am with the sandwich that they’d been needing for a while? I know my references are all food related, but I guess to me – Love is giving away your favourite food just so that you can share the awesomeness with someone else.

We think love will walk through the door along with the autumn winds when we’re all bushy-tailed and beautiful, saying, “HOTDAYUUMMM GURRRL!” As much as I would love to say that happens too, love could also walk in and just say Hello. That starts things. Just saying.

I could Ted/Love Actually/Dumbledore on this post and say the most eloquent and idealistic things about love and the strange things it makes you feel, but I guess the article I cited here has already done that for me.

I guess, I also had to write this because I disagree with one main point it makes: If it hurts, it’s not love.

Love is painful. It comes in bites, shoves, pushes-and-pulls, sure. The worst that love can give you is seeing their face when they lose something. That’s the moment when you want to collect all the shiny things in the world to distract them, wish you had seriously considered clown college and hope musicals were right when they said you could fix it with a kiss and a song.

I wrote this too, some time back. I am nowhere close to the answer yet. But, till I know, I’ll just wait here. I’m a girl like that. When he reads this someday, I know he’ll say, “Did you actually have the time to think up all of that?” and laugh as he sips on that blasted cup of coffee I made him though I hate coffee so much.
Sigh. Love.

Update – So I watched this beautiful poem a couple of days back and all I have to say is “Welcome, make yourself comfortable!”