Two of A Sunshine

Being in a new place means making new friends to share the experience of being new to someplace. There are things you have not seen before, places you haven’t been, corners you haven’t explored, things you haven’t tasted and people you haven’t met.

Then, you come across someone you think you’ve known forever. Someone you’ve probably met before but cannot pinpoint it. Three years ago when I was new to things, I found myself a pocketful of Sunshine. I knew then that I had found something special and I refused to let anyone know. I refused to let myself believe it. I stored you in my pocket for months and never wanted to let go. Today, I laugh when I look back and remember what I was like before you. What was I like before you? Young would be the best way to put it. I was young and I did not know any better than question things I knew nothing of. I put my heart on my sleeve and tossed it around to entertain you. It will always be lightest I feel. Thank you.

I am new to things again. I see a few rays peeking through and I want to doubt myself again, but I have nothing to lose. You’re two of a kind. Two rays emanating from the same Sunshine. One too far to touch me, one close enough to touch for myself. But, I will bask in it before I burn.

I am here, at this odd hour, thinking of everything both these people mean in the larger scheme of things and you know what? For once, I don’t care. I refuse to plan my impulses (for now). All I know is that you’re light. You both are. You’re both beautiful.

But one is love and light. Isn’t that the one we’re all afraid of? Isn’t that also the one we crave the most?