Man Up.

Boys are clueless.

No, I mean really. Here I am, with my chest out and my ego deflated.Everything a woman should be. My heart is on my sleeve and I even have the loud laughter on cue when he makes the occasional cute joke. But, boys are as thick as the foam boards I built my science projects on.

He will take the compliment about his shirt everyday. He will listen while I tell him about how I noted his absence. He will even smile back every time I do. But, boy. You are killing me with the lack of clue in your life, baby.

What does a girl do here? I am not saying I am one for grandeur. I’d rather (to say it politely) vomit in a baby’s mouth than have someone ask me out with a grand gesture. It’s only going to be a movie in a theatre with another 100 people, most of whom will be doing the same things we do- trying to find each other’s hands in the dark. Love, calm down.

You know what an ideal world would be? One without social protocol. How long does it take to pick a heart and decide you do not want to break it? Not much, really.

So tell me, half a ray of sunshine, why is it so hard to figure out we are not in high school anymore? Do you not see how I let you play with my hair only because I like you? Only a girl would know how much that means. Only a girl would know it takes a lot to flip her hair like a blithering idiot and dress up in the morning thinking you will check to see if she is around.

Man up.