Bad Tools And Twisted Brinjals

Something I submitted for the Monochrome Collective. Have fun at my expense. 🙂


Sonia Thomas 

Trust is the foundation of any relationship, more so in the relationship you share with your father. For someone with a severe Electra complex, it is a lot more than that. This man is the yardstick by which I have measured every other man I have encountered (real and otherwise). Loving him is also precisely how I learnt something vital – we are mere fools when it comes to love.

As I sat at the dining table that fateful evening in the 6th grade, trying to complete my Hindi homework, my father came up to me to ask about it. It is always assumed a child has nothing better to do than loaf around. This was work. I was in deep and now, disturbed. But, I did not care. Dada was here and I would be okay.

“Dada, have a look at this muhavra (idiom). Naach…

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