“Who Run The World?” – Your Coffee.

This post may come across as biased because of the writer’s absolute hatred of caffeine. I’m sorry. Have you ever been traumatised by uncles whose breaths smelt like they brushed their teeth with coffee? Have you had a tumbler of piping hot filter coffee wash your hair in your sleep? Thought so.

I came across a theory yesterday that reminded me of my one true enemy. You’d think that was the education system, but I have always known that I will never escape the power of a hot cuppa. Everyone is either having one or in dire need of one. The smell of caffeine makes me look like I am constantly suffering from a tummy ache that Mommy cannot cure. It does not wake me up. In fact, it makes me want to go back to the universe where unicorn poop can power a country and no one needs coffee. Ever.

Have you ever thought why you would need coffee at all? How did people pull all-nighters before coffee? Who told you that you could not live without your morning kaapi? Have you wondered if it’s all a ruse? They have already resorted to subliminal messages. What makes you think they are not out to get you with what you drink? They will begin by tempting you with their toy. Then, they will make you pay more for coffee that doesn’t really taste like coffee (or so they say) so that we need more caffeine to sustain ourselves because one wasn’t enough.

Soon, we’ll be the generation that is always on its toes. Always on the move for the next hit of coffee. Our eyes will always be wide open and we’ll be jitterbugs. Waiting, waiting, waiting. DAMMIT, WHEN IS MY NEXT COFFEE BREAK?


Welcome to the 23rd century. This…


The Zombie Apocalypse fueled by Starbucks.

Aiming to be The Speech Of The Century

This draft has been left pending for a while. I have the words in my head and they cannot translate themselves into the written word.

Let me start with this.

I have never wanted to be in one place more than I wanted to be at college. I was pretty darn excited. I don’t know what I expected, but I know I expected a lot. I watched coming-of-age movies, cheap college movies and even got the speech from the parents. Nothing, however, could have prepared me enough for the past three years of my life.

I started off slow. I sat back and watched everyone with their crazy, young hearts that I wanted to be a part of and some, well not. As soon as I found my people, and my place here, I knew I could not have asked for more. I have been a part of a roller coaster ride that has shaken me and ripped me apart and driven me crazy. I have seen and heard things of epic proportions on some days, albeit in a blur. I still did not think I was going to care about this ending. I have never liked an educational institution enough to care about leaving it.

When I started off the final year, I thought I was going to think the same even when I left. I did so many things in the name of doing them “one last time”. I must have embraced YOLO quite seriously along with the rest of the world. I made more friends, found more people to love and saw more things.

Yesterday, walking back through the quad made me realise that this was not just any other day. This was the end. It was finally here. Good riddance? Maybe not. It might have been the striking beauty of our college campus that broke my heart and has always left me with a sense of belonging, but at that moment – I just wanted to fix myself in the center of that court and lie down there under the stars. No, really. Cue the sapster music.

I don’t have much more to say than what has already been said about graduations, leaving people or at parties by us. But, I know one thing has kept me going for three years (and I cannot emphasize this enough) – Words. I have had words keeping me alive, keeping me encouraged, making me feel loved, giving me power that I never thought I had. Use your words well, friends. Like one of us said amidst the noise of fun and (ahem) beach frolic, “We really ARE the best because each one of us has the potential to change the world”.

Begin with your words.

Use them to tell yourself you’ll be fine. Use them to pick yourself up and say goodbye. Use them to tell your real friends how much they mean to you. Use them to build your goals. Use them to let the world know what you’re capable of. Write it, say it, think it. Mean it.

Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.

I Survived the Apocalypse.

So, 2012 is over. I am not going to lie, I was slightly cynical about being able to write this post this time – My Year End (Over)Analysis. But, I guess I still have too much to do/achieve/experience/see/feel before the world explodes in my face.

What was it like? One thing is for sure – I am telling my kids I survived an Apocalypse. Anyone who agrees with me, will be considered as marriage material. I am also telling my kids Harry Potter is real, Santa is not and that girls are the ones with more strength and they will never be able to live without a woman in their lives because they are emotionally incapable of doing so. HAHA. EVIL MOMMY IS EVIL.

Those things aside, this year was more growing up than usual. It is the last year of college which meant doing things I have not done before and being done with more fervour than I would have while spending my last day on this planet. I made my mistakes, too many drunk dials (And you were still THAT patient every time), cried too much and panicked too much also. But, I’m okay now. Just like the end of every year.

What did I learn this year?

I learnt that some things are worth the wait. 
I learnt that some things still need to be waited out.
I learnt that you need to keep pushing to get what you want.
I learnt that Faith is fo’realz. (YES. I said it like that)
I learnt that your friends don’t actually care about the drunk dialing.
I learnt that the drunk dialing can be funny.
I learnt that some eyes will never replicate themselves on to anyone else’s face.
I learnt that some cliches are based on truth.
I learnt that boys are confused, silly, fickle and misunderstood.
I learnt that Dads are only human.
I learnt that no woman is safe.
I learnt that no one is safe from reality.
I learnt that best friends are always best for a reason.

But, what is my favourite lesson of the year?

I learnt to believe in Silver Linings. You know those hopes you pin on people and yourself? Yeah, those let you sleep at night. Those things that lead you to believe that tomorrow is another day. Those things that really don’t matter, but you’ll keep them in mind anyway.
Those things, and words. Some kind words that even if you don’t think you deserve, you’ve been dying to hear.

As I bid 2012 goodbye, I want to say a lot more and wish for a lot more. But, I think we have had a year filled with too many voices and too many opinions spilling all over the place causing the chaos to snowball into a catastrophe. We’re getting there. You know why I ended it like this? Because I never expect anything more than…… You know it. 😉