Why Sunny Leone Likes Nice Guys

I was a lowly intern at a news magazine back in 2011 when Sunny Leone made an entry into the Indian entertainment business. Bigg Boss’ fifth season was the usual. Loud, bitchy and controversial. To add to all of that, we had a porn star living with the rest of the family. Huge wads of cash were supposedly paid to Leone for just being a part of the show. I was sent to find out how many wads of cash exactly. Though that figure was heavily guarded (and hence prone to speculation), I still managed to do the following: 
1. Find out that a lot of people are very curious about porn stars. You hear me, Xavier’s BMM. 
2.  Find out that porn stars bleach their nether regions (That also came from a query btw)
3. Conduct my first “star” interview
4. Become popular with the boys for exactly 20 minutes

Though my input never got used, I wrote this for a submission in my third year as an undergrad. Needless to say, I got a few chuckles from the staff room.  I am sure this does not score high with tabloid lovers. Sorry about that. Ah well. Here goes.


The first thing that strikes you about Sunny Leone is that she is beautiful. Porn stars seem to have sleaze rolling off their aura when seen in pictures, but she just looked like she had walked out of another era altogether. Dressed in a little golden dress, I was told (nay, warned) about her assets. But, her face stopped me from going anywhere else. Sorry, boys.

Bigg Boss season 5 and its staggering success/infamy garnered enough attention to outlast the Annoying Orange with the entry of Sunny Leone being the highlight.  For an adult film star to be out in the open on everyone’s TV screens for an hour every night was unheard of. Surprisingly, she was well received with her fans “going bonkers” and saying “it’s the best thing that happened to them since sliced bread”. She takes it in all in with the widest (almost, naïve) smile on her face.

Born in Ontario, Canada and working in California, USA – Sunny does not know what she would be if not a porn star. “I’ve always been venturing in little business. Whether it was going door-to-door selling candy, shovelling snow for people; I have always been independent. I was drawn to making these movies since I was 15-and-a-half. It was not normal for my parents. But honestly, I don’t know what I’d be doing if not making adult films. Maybe nursing or needle work… but really, no.”

Her independence has also been a hindrance when it comes to dating men. “I have dated Indian men. But, they always tried to change me. I am extremely independent, a Taurean. I am very set in my ways and severe, which is why probably things never worked out with them. “

Indian women, on the other hand, she describes in one word: “Beautiful”.

So, if things never worked out with Indian men because of them wanting to change her, it is natural to want to know if she would date someone from the industry. She laughs it off with her pearly whites. “No. All my co-stars have been nice and I’ve known them for a long time. A lot of them are nice, smart guys with good family backgrounds… Families that have stuck together and that IS really important to me. But, it has never been something that happened.”

So, who is the ultimate fantasy of the woman everyone fantasises about? “Every girl likes being swept off her feet. Everyone also says that nice guys finish last. But, I guess I am one of those who likes the nice guys. More than that, I appreciate smart men who can be at the same level as I am. I want to be able to share tasks, change diapers and all that with someone, you know? No one likes to be TOLD what to do.”

So, who IS Sunny Leone? Will we ever know beyond the beautiful exterior? Before she gets up to walk away (read: in slow motion), she gives me three things I’ll probably always use to describe her. “Happy. Adventurous. Not normal.”

This experience was definitely not normal and I read the texts from friends with multiple questions that I was supposed to ask her, but never could. Maybe the rule for lingerie can figure in here: The lesser revealed the more attractive. Sigh.