Skin And Bones

I devote myself to you.
I have found every bone in my body and every inch of skin on them.
This is all the treasure I have in the world to give you.

Skin and bones is all we are.
If you would, we could fill it up with the air of your words.
I’ll validate myself and sprout wings.
I’ll sit in the temple of your mind and listen to your thoughts.
Sing songs of these words I will learn to understand because that is all I need…

… I need to get through to you for myself.
Listen to my pleas, my secret love.
A secret only you and I hold in a box we forgot the key to.

I rise to the altar to look you in the eye.
I will not be blinded by your divinity,
nor by your claims of redemption.

Hands and knees don’t need to be redeemed.
They need to be held.
Hold me, for I have nothing but this body to give you.

Note: This helped me write today. After very long. Thank you for your endless patience, if you’re still around.

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