Hi Dad

Hi Dad,
You know that I know that you’re a sneak. So, I know you’re reading this and I am slowly starting to regret telling you about my blog. Don’t hate me for the things I write. I just have too much on my heart and mind, and sometimes, one gets in the way of the other. That, and I am a growing child with hormonal urges. You will eventually deal with that. Like Steve Martin in “Father Of The Bride”(Chill. I am not planning to leave you for another man).

Brace yourself for the emotion. I feel like it. Don’t get used to it.

You made me what I am. Literally and figuratively. Whether it is teaching me to write or teaching me to love reading (or love in general), you have been through it with me constantly. You have been a best friend, sibling, mother, teacher, guide, mentor and my first love. You must realize that you have made it so much harder for me to fall for a man because you set the standards so high.

There are also some days that I remember you are human. You make your mistakes. You take my love for granted. You forget things sometimes. You figure me out all wrong. You crack inappropriate jokes. You hog the remote.

But, man, you love me. I know what it is like to unconditionally love someone because of the way you love me (and vice versa, honestly). I don’t expect anyone to treat me the way you do. They may know my favourite flavour of ice cream but no one else knows when to buy me ice cream when I need it. That’s why you are better than the rest of them.

I am a crazy person to have had to raise. So, unless making me just like you is part of your evil plan for world domination, I think I turned out alright. Hats off.

UPDATE – As predicted, he did read the post. This is what he had to say.


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