High School Drama

Today, I got an e-mail from one of my best friends who’s known me since 3rd grade.  I heard the most annoying post-school rumour about me and got agitated. That’s when I remembered how much I hated school.

Ok, honestly. I hated school. Really. There was no bigger punishment for me, no better reason for me to hate my existence. I never liked to study, and disliked authority. School sucked. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so.

I was fat. No fat girl has left high school without thinking “So long, suckers”. There is no place for a fat girl in high school. Boys don’t like her. Her friends made fun of her. The teachers also laughed when she ran in a race that had mandatory participation. As I gather my self pity today and throw it to the dogs, I write THIS post as a solid goodbye to every insecurity I never needed, and every comment I should not have heard.

Today, before I got that e-mail, I figured that high school is what makes you who you are. Insecurities and ambitions alike. Post e-mail shock, anger and hurt ; I figured it need not be that. No way. Sure, you learn what NOT to do or what NOT to be, but it need not form your insecurities for the rest of your life. You need not feel the same way forever. No one has asked you, nor is anyone obliged to make you feel that way. It’s all in your head.

The same goes for your ambitions. Don’t stop believing. You wanted 5 then? ASK THE UNIVERSE FOR 10 and work for it.

That idiot boy need not ever hear about this or know that you’ve grown up. You only have yourself to prove it to. THIS.. IS… LIIIIFE. Aaaandd, achievement level unlocked. Congratulations, you can now move on!


All that said and done, I had the best friends in school. We learn, earn, grow, be, laugh, share, be there for each other even now. I don’t expect that from the citizens of The Real World. Because somewhere, in that illogical world we called High School, things made more sense than having to deal with cynics and fair weathers. It was Lollipop land with evil boys stealing your candy and you never getting over it. Till now. Till now…



  1. ahem. what rumour did you hear NOW ? and that too, High School? i guess i was part of that phase with you 🙂


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