Because this deserves a whole post to itself.

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is on TV! I will not be lying when I say my identity is incomplete without having said anything about this movie over here. Not because it’s the best movie in the world (it MAY not be), but because it is the starting of everything I ever expected from LIFEEE!

*cue drama button*

[Yeah, spoiler haters can move on]

Being one of my earlier experiences in a cinema hall, I did not know what it was like to be overwhelmed by your emotions in a movie. I came out wailing like a toddler (much to my parents’ fear, really). Sigh. I went thrice after that 😀

Even now, when I see Rahul and Anjali battle it out on that shitty excuse of a basketball court and then, whistle and make up (because kissing was a no-no in the 90s) – I know I am in fangirl/Bollywood heaven.

This movie has been the basis of every girly fantasy I have harboured over the years. Bubblegum or not, I saw the sense in loving my best friend. The chemistry between Shahrukh and Kajol is tangible in every time they’re together on screen. That does not ever replicate when he is with Rani or as I’d like to see it: The-snotty-bitch-who made-the-story-an-interesting-mess.

Don’t we just want everything Kuch Kuch Hota Hai stands for? A fun college life with lots of best friends (and, a special one) where you’re the popular one? Where your principal is a cool, wacky sadoo? Where you could sing and dance to Altaf Raja and still be awesome? HA. Well.

Now, we have a child named Anjali who will unite Rahul and Anjali against all odds. HELL YEAH. This takes you along a roller coaster ride filled with mute Surdy kids, Mr. Almeida and rain dancing at summer camps. Bhai Wah. Will they ever realise how much they love each other now that all this time has passed? Aye Haye. The tension.

Thankfully, the dosti does turn to pyaar at the end of the movie and we can now thank the heavens above that all is well at the end of the movie. Not without a few tears at the end (or in my case, buckets).

Pyar Dosti Hai.

Don’t you wish that was true in real life? That things were not that complicated? That we could fall in love with our best friends without anyone having a problem with it? With a lovely storybook bound in bubblegum and a happy ending? And a song-and-dance routine, obviously.

Till I find an example for that, I’ll just go back to mouthing the dialogues and lyrics to this movie and hoping against hope that Rahul and Anjali ka milan ho jaaye. For the… wait, how many times have I watched this, again?



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