How do I dare to?

If there was one feeling I’d want to learn how to describe, it would be love.

I’ve never felt it in the sense it’s sounding like. The typical sense. I’ve had enough of people saying they cannot describe it. Bloody bunch of unimaginative, vocabulary-less fools driving themselves to misery and leaving the deprived feel more deprived than ever. I want to describe it in all of its essence. Make those poor deprived children feel like there’s something to live for. Something we all will feel. Something everyone knows. When time will make more sense than just a bunch of pictures on a reel in front of your eyes. When going somewhere will have more purpose than direction. When detail will overpower the big picture.

When you’ll sit and write away in a cold room trying to explain what I told you could, but you suddenly become speechless. There is nothing more to that all elusive feeling then. And you will revel in your failure as you keep the way it all feels to yourself. Only you won’t know it is the worst kept secret 😉

And they’ll ask you again: “What is this drama all about?”
You will ask me to write it down when I know. That’s where this began. That’s where this will end.

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