Diaries Are Things We Don’t Like Talking About

I think we can all agree that reading old diaries is a tad too embarrassing to do. But, we indulge in it anyway to make sure that there is a part of us that never changed. The same thing happened with my Facebook timeline. I found out when I made a friend, when I stopped talking to a friend, when I said the most ridiculous thing and thought I was cool.

Oh well.

I don’t know what I’d do without the people in my life to teach me the lessons I learn anyway. So, what did I do with my diaries, you’d ask? I tore two, kept one, maintain one and a calendar to mark dates I’ll never forget.

Now, to what I really want to talk about. Why do we feel the need to never change? We don’t want to grow up. Period. We cannot let go of the little child within us. We want to feel that there is nothing bad or cynical about us. “I’m still the same person I was yesterday”.

I guess that’s why we’re meant to write diaries. So that we never make the same mistakes again. Oh hell no, we don’t. Yes. Say that like a black woman and feel the power.

Or maybe just so that when you look back at this shit, you know you’re cool now. The Bee’s Knees. Cooleshwar Sen Chattopadhyay. Like zzat.

Overload. Kbye.

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