Gayness Is Epicness

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge (what I wish) was my first of many exposures to the awesomeness that is Bollywood. No, I mean, really. I have been bred on this and my mind never changes. So, when our new Cinema professor walks in post a Godard loving, whispering tiny thing – I knew I was going to enjoy this. Regardless of what anyone says. Analysing my favourite Hindi movies? Not so much. WATCHING THEM WITH EVERYONE ELSE WHO LIKES THEM AND SINGS ALONG TO EVERY SONG? HELL YEAH.

Maratha Mandir has been playing the movie for over 850 weeks now. It is phenomenal to see that even now, people want to come to see the movie that I see as quite the turning point in my short life. I don’t know where I’d be today if not for the little Shahrukh Khan tea parties I had with my imaginary superstar friend, Shahrukh 🙂

When I walked (read: ran, after my dear friends got delayed by 15 mins) in delighted with my 17 rupee ticket, and I saw Shahrukh’s face, I knew I was in fangirl heaven. To see something I have watched and attempted to learn by heart in 17 years was beyond description. So much larger than life. I, honestly, cannot be more eloquent than saying: It was a Hallelujah moment.

The lyrics were louder, the drama more pronounced, the dialogues gave me goosebumps. The trolling also happened in the deep.

It’s not just the romance of it all or the amazing soundtrack. What I love most about this movie is the innocence of the actors and how it seeped through into (and even, aided) their performances. So what if the movie’s crazy and it makes no sense to run after a girl in Punjab because she left her cowbell behind? It’s meant to be impulsive, young and all the implausible things it shows.

About the experience itself,  there is not much to say about how much fun it was to watch it with a bunch of people who make movies like this fun to watch. But, I could say that I have ticked something off my bucket list now 😀

At the end of this pointless post, I would like to declare


[flies into oblivion and a place where people puke rainbows out of gay happiness]


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