Happy Is A Punjabi Boy

It’s only when you do not feel something that you know you have missed out on something in life. I read this blog post about a girl who recently lost her grandfather. She may not have been the best writer, but her eloquence when it came to describing a life like that made me wish I could have something like that. Not a life like her grandfather’s, but like hers, when someone is loved so much by a grandparent. I’m sure it’s not a bad feeling.

This also reminded me of a very simple and well known thing- You don’t know what you need till you see someone else cherish it.

Yes, Overthink Overdrive and all. I don’t care. It’s true. It’s only when you see someone with a gadget that, you know you need it. It’s only when you see people cherish their babies that,you know it will complete you (or something like it. I don’t know. I am yet to feel it). It is only when you see what it is like to cherish someone other than yourself that, you know you need love.

Whether it is a person or a thing, it is a give and take situation. One’s not good enough without the other.

Just to make it less complicated here, I am trying to say that it’s all about making people happy, yeah? Things make you happy, people make you happy. Happy is where you do not expect it to be. Yes, incorrect grammar. But, let’s assume Happy is a Punjabi boy who has an irksome habit of getting lost in the most unexpected places when you most need him. When you see your Happy’s away, you miss him more. Simple hai 🙂

On a side note, this post was a way to let go of everything that was disappointing me today. I’m glad I wrote it. I guess Punjabi boys and writing are the key to my heart.

All invitations to dinner will be graciously accepted, of course. But, I never expect anything more than….? You’d know the answer if you knew this blog. 😉


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