Hello, there.

Have you ever gone to receive someone  at the airport? Or someone from ANYWHERE, really?

If not, then allow me to describe the best feeling in the world.

There you are. It’s late, it’s late, it’s soooo late. You wait and wait. Look at your watch. Wait some more. Where are you?

You remember scenes from bad rom-coms. The protagonist was left waiting at a table, ordering cup after cup of coffee, till realisation of being stood up dawns. No, no. Negativity must shut itself out for a while. This is a good moment.

You look into every shining surface. You look your best, do you? Is that a strand of hair out of place? The pimples have been pushed out of place.

It’s a long, fucking wait when you’ve arrived before time. You curse yourself for it once more. “Maybe”s aside, you persist.

Let’s decide the “Hello”s , the “How are you?”s and the.. the.. what do you say? You have a whole speech rehearsed. Also, speech B, C, D…

That’s when you see something spectacularly similar to your memories. It’s walking towards you, the anticipation builds.. THIS is it, isn’t it? They were all right.

Hallelujah chorus, check.
Happy butterflies in the stomach, check.
Looking at the world in shades of blue, check.
All this followed by giggles muffled by own throat, check.

Hello, there.








Too bad this is all in my head.


  1. […] We’re all chasing ideas of love. And I have grand ideas. One of the best feelings in the world is seeing someone you’ve been away from after a ridiculously long time, and that anticipation and the happiness that ensues is worth it. Or so my best fantasy likes to believe. […]


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