Back from The Lack-ness.

There has been a lack of inspiration for a while. Not that things have been particularly bad, my life is on one of those high points (touchwood). But, something in my head has been holding me captive. What is it? Maybe the residual stagnation that I’ve been feeling since college began, or maybe I just got lazy.

Bleh. Sadness out, topic in.

There are some things in life that you have no control over. There is supposed to be a word for this. Obscure sorrows, do you hear me? There are just those things that you wish you could eliminate… or in my case, let them linger. But, you cannot. You wish you do. WIth all your heart. People ask you why things change or why they don’t and you really do not have an answer. That is when you really want to scream.

Scream loud: Fuck This Shit.

NO, really. I tried. With dramatic effects.

That’s when my wingspan increased. I felt lighter and decided, since my inner bird is too lazy to fly- let’s just sleep it off.

Escapist Methodology 101- SLEEP. IT. OFF.

So, maybe there is nothing you can do about it but sleep. But really, what’s the harm in caring? God knows, the solution is empathy.

Anyway, on a side note, here’s something that DID inspire me: Don’t approach your story with the arrogance of a creator, but with the humility of a witness.

Ka-ching. Score. Goal.
Well, almost 😉


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