Better Together

Ahmedabad is the last place you’d relate to the word fun. This city, situated in the North of Gujarat, is more than just a class apart from where we live- Mumbai. The blistering dry heat, the sand, dust and lack of commercial appeal at the level of Mumbai can discourage someone who adores big cities as much as I do.

Which is, honestly, why we thought this is gonna blow.

But, The Eternal Optimist struck again and said: “We’re gonna do this like those travel movies. We shall discover fun amidst the less awesome”.  We did and HOW!

The journey to Ahmedabad itself was studded with experiences to last a lifetime. From getting soaked in a surprise rain shower to having some people miss the train entirely to singing all night and horror stories- we just figured the trip would not get any better.

Arriving at Ahmedabad junction at 4 am kickstarted our trip, but did not prepare us for the  heat we’d have to face during the day. After a good rest and lunch, we departed for Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad (MICA) within whose lovely brick red campus and (literally) cushioned auditorium, we were introduced to the way things work and the curriculum.

A day of long journeys and stifling buses could exhaust one. Imagine the effect on a 100. So, our professors decided to let us loose and organised a dance party for all of us. Dancing the night away would not sound like much fun after the exhaustion we felt, but surprisingly we all danced for hours and hours (even after dinner- no casualties). As the DJ played sentimental songs towards the end, it became one of those moments where you didn’t want anything to end, everyone’s your best friend and no matter how tiresome it would be, you wanted to dance on the next song with them anyway 😀

Day 2 saw us visiting a printing press  (Divya Bhaskar) and shopping at Law Garden. The reason I put both of them in one sentence without bothering to describe either, was because what attracted me most to both were the colours. So many colours just whirled around you when you were there. Just walking ahead, the whirling of colours and the whirring of the motions of daily life for so many people. Isn’t that why we all love cities? The Akshardham Temple was also visited. I’d personally never visited a temple, so I was in awe of the magnificence and the faith with which the devotees arrived there. Day 2 ended on a musical (even if not well-tuned) note with the Management and Media students battling it at Antakshari. The professors also joined in and we all got done for the night with sore voices.

Day 3 was a long, hot day which began with a visit to Gandhi Ashram. A small museum dedicated to the Father, situated along the banks of Sabarmati river, was a treat for history enthusiasts. Later in the afternoon, we visited SEWA, which was an NGO for women who worked in the unorganised sector. More heat followed with a final taste of Ahmedabad at Gwalia (a sweet shop), which just saw 100 people eating like hungry little piglets.

It wasn’t a particularly eventful trip, but as I lay down in my top berth on the return journey, I knew this was not something I’m going to forget any time soon. In a blur of photo sessions, score cards, laughter, video documentation and loud singing- this trip combined all I expected from college life and gifted it to me in a small package of  4 days.

Thanks, SYBMM 2012. This one’s from the kid who lost her voice, posed for too many pictures, yelled too loud at the heat and had fun with you.

Bow out.

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