Dizzy – Busy

It’s been a while. And I wish people would understand that a while means a while. There are people who stay away longer. Faith is a good thing. Learn to keep it.

Distance is so relative. You can be in the same city and feel like you’re thousands of miles apart. Not picking up calls does that to people. I swear. Victim talk happening here. Sorreh. Not for the victims. Nuh uh.

Food irradiation, on the other hand, so much more important! err.

I don’t see how I should care. We’ve all become comfortably numb. Haven’t we? We don’t know what we’re looking for anymore. We’re going to die anyway. Why can’t we just deal with it and live what we’re with?

I crave for the passionate, opinionated little naive child I used to be. I crave for the screaming and the kicking and the jumping. Nothing else matters but the escapism that is sleep. ย Nothing but the eyes. Oh, the eyes. I could die a black hole death like a star and rise again as a little ball of dust. That’s the eyes.

I don’t know how much to care. I don’t know how much to want. There is naught but the sky, and naught but the ground I’m on. Like a bubble. Bubble houses.

Beautiful bubble houses like cages in your mind you keep running in. Like hamsters. Tested, tried, proven.

You know the drill. Nothing more than… ha ha ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. oye. september 2 speaking here. i always read your blog, once i wade my way through it.
    also, i’m sorry, because i’m the person you’re talking about..
    see you on saturday / sunday. ๐Ÿ™‚


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