Songs and Things a.k.a All About Bum

I switched off my laptop and went off to bed. (Bed, not sleep)
I have a thing for not deleting songs just because I relate them to something happy in my life. This one was like that. But, it had been a while since I heard it.  Of course, when I did, I smiled. I could not help but miss her.

My dear Bum, whenever you read this, you should know that some things never change. Like you. You are the reason I’m relatively cool and (not to brag) girls have crushes on me 😀

As I told you, this song was a promise to our 15/16 year old selves that things will get better. It was so naive. Things are going nowhere, but I want you to know that they might. If nothing, I’ll mooch off your wealth. AHA.

Doctor DollEyes, you’re like the plain mirror that I told you I will keep in my little hole I crawl back to. The one that tells me the truth when I need it the most. The small package of ninja awesomeness (I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY NOW)

So much love in my eyes and heart for you. Your face is missed. Thanks for being the only person who always tells me the truth. And being the unofficial love of my life. After food.


I will take you to Funkytown someday. Disneyland is not half bad, either. Or Harry Potter Theme Park. Just in case budgets don’t work.

Also, for those wondering which song I’m talking about here, it’s called Leavin’ by Jag Star. It’s a song that she gave as an attempt to cheer me up about escape from the misery of school life. Little did we know…

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