Because Exams are Suicidal times

This is not something I generally do. Not slack. Just refuse to study one day before the exam. It’s unreal. Nothing is right. There IS no reason to study or live right now. I need exactly five solid reasons to do either and THIS is the time I choose to do it. When I have all of everything left to do.

So, I will choose to faf for tomorrow and do this instead. Find reasons to exist. So tell me, love. Why DO you exist? I dedided that I want to live another day to hear a story. To be able to tell one. You know how everyday is a story, right? Or did you believe them when they said it’s not true?

I live another day because I have no other choice. My cowardice is not killing me any soon, either. So, I decide to have the courage to live my own life.

I live another day because I am not under any restraint to go anywhere. I could stay or leave. I don’t really have anyone who’ll stop me. That’s the thing with us people. We want to leave when we know we’re leaving someone with the tragedy of death behind. We want lots of people to regret the loss and give their meaningful condolences.

I live another day because I really want to know if I really can be a little happier tomorrow. Yes, the audacity of hope. I am a little hypocrite in this matter. I don’t like hoping and yet, I do. Like that lizard hiding behind your cupboard is hoping you’ll delay renovation for another year. But, he knows it’s coming anyway.

I live another day mostly because of the hundred things I still want to see. The things I’ll never see again. And to hope I’ll never have to see some things again.

Explore. Explore. Explore. Is that what Columbus was thinking? Oh well, to all those colonial fools- now, I know why you did this. And to everyone writing an exam ever- Fuck this shit.

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