An Attempt at defining Normalcy

Who defines normal? No, I mean really. Mother quotes again and says: “You’re such a weirdo. No one can like you like that. Be more feminine na beta?” So, I guess that’s her definition.

Most answers related normal with conformity. Like it was a bad thing. You are normal if you want to drown yourself in the crowd. You are normal if you’re not unique. Like it’s against nature to be normal. We’re all meant to be supernatural. Applause, children. You highlighted your need to be reassured that you’re a star.

I’m normal.

No really, I am. The mundane regularity of my life may seem like a drag. But hey, at least I’m not being dragged around by my own absurdity. I’m sorry if I am pushing you to anger. I’m sorry if unique is your thing and normal is not. But have you heard of the word “quirk” ?

Everyone has a quirk. It can even mean being obsessively compulsive about your TV shows. But, it’s a quirk. It makes you different. Whatever made you think normal meant being the same? Pfft. Your ideas, I say.

The one definition of normal that I agreed with was: “Agreeing to be yourself”. Now, I could have a discussion about what it is to be yourself too, but let’s refrain from that yeah?

But, think about it. How long do we wait till it gets weird? I think if you’re ok with your quirks and you don’t feel the need to be labelled different and you feel so fly, you can earn a spot on The Normal Squad. If you’re cool with being uncool, you’re normal. If you think being with the crowd is not the same thing as losing yourself in it, you’re normal.

But, most importantly, if you do not let yourself be defined by what you hear and do your own thing without seeking attention- you’re normal.

Thanks to the dear dysfunctional opinions and the couple of normal ones. Much love and appreciation. And heeeey! You’re in a low-key, unpopular blog entry y’aaaall! 😀


After all this normal talk, I have some random shit to say- Let go. The best is yet to come. And even if it’s over, wait for something moderately better than the present. You’ll learn to appreciate it. Patience ki maa-behen, you’re thinking. I know. But, do it. Expect nothing but crap.

*looks left and right*


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