A prayer for a stranger

I pray you’re happy wherever you go.

I pray you find inspiration in everything you see.

I pray you never have to cry yourself to sleep.

I pray you never have to be living through a nightmare.

I pray your smile never fades.

I pray your eyes twinkle lot more than they do.

I pray for your friendship with success.

I pray because I love with my heart too.

A small bit doesn’t matter. It’s just a prayer. Maybe a rant. I hope you’re listening.

Never change. Promise yourself. Promise me.


  1. If I knew you were low, I would have written something like this for you. I have been on a low phase too. So this made me smile. I’ll make sure I do the same for you next time. 🙂


    1. Pfft. It’s ok. Being an only kid means I have found ways to deal much faster than other people do. I WAS low. Now am not 🙂
      And glad to know I helped! 🙂


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