I want…

Here’s what it is like.

People want things. All the time. But they don’t realise that some things they might want are just the opposite of what they really do. Am I making sense?

Perhaps, you should read on….

1. I don’t want attention. I wish people would not focus so much attention on me [This one’s an attention whore somewhere. We all are. We don’t like to be ignored]

2. Of course, I want babies. Their little feet, small eyes…. ooooh. EVERYTHING! Β  [Yeah. They forget the pushing, the hormones, the ugliness, the crying, the constant lack of sleep and death of social and any sort of life. Forever]

3. I want to be different, a cut above the rest. Β [No, you liar. You resist change like cats resist a bath]

4. I don’t want to care about what people think about me. [So, if you go around looking like a mini Lady Gaga to work.. you don’t want to be told. Ok.]

5. I want a break. Just not work and do nothing. [Your frustration level will go from present levels to Sparta. Tell me you want that now]

Honestly, it’s the best I could muster with a brain filled with goo, food and thoughts of cuddly bed.

Singing Soft Kitty, I bid thee farewell. Let me know what else you think is appropriate for this list. All comments appreciated πŸ™‚


  1. didn’t have internet to reply yesterday, so i’m replying to(a.k.a. obliterating) your arguments.

    well, my answer to every one of those would be– Depends, on the situation, on your mood, on your perception of your mood, on the degree of explicitness you permit in your situation etc. You don’t want people coming along and blowing up your values, your principles and things you’ve done. Even though what they say might make perfect sense, you just won’t accept it –if it is too much for you to deal with, in one go.

    alright, now (in order).
    1. attention – what if a blender with all the yummiest food blows up in your face?
    you could bask in the tasteful glory, or you could just shriek at the un-orderly state of your clothes –it’s all up to you.

    2. babies. of course you want babies. you don’t want childbirth, and child-raising. It does seem difficult, but if you prepare well enough, it seems like it’ll be a wonderful experience. Of course you don’t like dealing with poopy diapers and all, but you might come to love the little things about child raising. It isn’t all work and no fun, but it is one of those things that you shouldn’t miss out on. Like shwarma.

    3. you want to be different. you don’t want to endure the change (i.e. adjustment, pain, pleasure) that gets you there. it might not be as painful as you think. It could just wind up being one of the best choices you’ll ever make. If Only(2004)..

    4. gaga – i personally love gaga, her dress sense is a little wild, but she uses it as a medium of expression, rather than just unconventional / hideous unmatching clothes. You need to look at it in context, which I’ll agree is really difficult to do. It needs effort, it needs practice.

    5. “a break” – when you say these words, you fundamentally refer to the fact that you aren’t enjoying the ‘changes’ that you’ve voluntarily or involuntarily made in your life. They may be the right/ near perfect decisions you could’ve ever made, but lets face it –they’re HARD (Aww, you poor thing. Now get that butt out of here and work like a slave!!) . I agree that we shouldn’t experience burn-out, and know when to stop pushing so hard, but the fact is, that unless you try to exceed your limits, you won’t essentially know what they really are. Don’t kill yourself, but don’t under-utilize your potential either.. πŸ™‚

    I could spend time de-constructing everything that you say, but you might not like it.– that’s cause I might lack good presentation skills, and might miscommunicate the actual situation as a result. Then again, people aren’t so imperfect that they need to change everything about themselves. They just need to be happy with what they’ve done with their lives. That’s all we need. and love. and food, too.


    1. Oh sean. How hard you try. Really- I suggest you write soon. I want you to. Maybe not in such a long winded manner.. but at least something. The blogosphere awaits you. πŸ™‚


    agreed on EVERY single point stated.

    1-Attention- Everyone wants it. The ones, who state they don’t, probably want it the most. We know some like them, don’t we.

    2- Babies- Come to think of it. You do actually have a point.

    3- Being different and wanting change- Yeah right. Nobody likes change. Everyone’s comfortable and cozy in their environment. And all that about wanting change is nothing but a sad excuse to run away from something. Sometimes.

    4-Gaga- Be who you are man. Screw it. Everyone wants to gel in, one way or the other. Everyone wants to be a part of the crowd and not stand OUT of it. Only Gaga can be Gaga. Cuz it takes courage and guts. Again you know who I’m talking about!

    5- A break- During my exams, all I can think of is vacations. and once my vacations start, my hands itch to open a textbook and study?! Weird, no?

    Now don’t you ever complain that I don’t comment much!



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