Curiosity Kills The Cat (and it’s next target is me)

You know those habits, right? The ones that will be the death of you. But, you will not or cannot get rid of them anyway. Some have food (then again, that’s probably me).. some have excessive cleaning, some excessively work, some excessively work OUT.

I am none of those.

[dramatic pause]
Am The Curious Cat.

Of course, I am not that cute when I’m curious :/

Yes. I am ashamed. But, I guess that’s why I decided to be a journalist. I will have the license to be curious. People know me as a quiet person (not the people who know me well) and thus, it is easy to assume that I have nothing to ask or say. Someone hit them with the buzzer, please! It’s just that talking in my head is my preferred mode of communication.

Par example-  if someone calls, I must know who called. If someone giggles in the middle of class, I must know why. I love being on the inside of the inside joke. I love knowing every dirty little secret you hide and keep it to myself. Like an old lady hoarder with lots of little ribbons that she won since she was 6.

That’s the problem. I cannot resist it. I must scratch when it itches. I must ask. I must ask. BOOM. Person walks. Opportunity lost.

*cue sad violin music* or is it *the loser horn* ? I cannot decide what is more appropriate.

It’s not like I butt in. I am collecting karma points. I don’t want people to hate me. I just wish I did not have the urge to ask either. You know? It’s like you HAVE TO KNOW. There is no explanation that makes this seem less pathetic or justifies it. You just HAVE TO KNOW.

The biggest disadvantage, of course, is that I end up knowing things I’d rather not know. That’s when I wish I could shut my big trap. I wish I could say “whoa. I should not have asked”. Or just pretend I’m not having a heart attack in an alternate reality. Ego.
Moral: Knowing things = Good
Knowing things + Having to live with it = Bad.
Knowing thing +  Not liking what you know + Having to live with it = SUCKS. Harder than the hollow in your head.

Some equations, you can never solve.
But, if you have a good imagination- Go ahead and plot that blackmail! 😉


  1. Curiosity is not a sin… But we should exercise caution with our curiosity… yes, indeed.
    I learnt this lesson in 7th grade. Now, I just leave the itch alone and after a few minutes, I get distracted and the it automatically stops itching 😀


  2. I wish it was like that with me and things would make me forget stuff I HAVE TO KNOW. But, unfortunately not. Curiosity made me watch Vampire Diaries. It’s THAT bad.


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