Plugged In

My mother’s ears are not made for headphones.

I always knew that. From the first time I owned those super cool cassette walkmans. I knew she didn’t realise that her amazing voice sounded like a dirge when she sang with them on, whenever they fitted. I credit this lovely woman for the little sense of music that I have. But, I wonder if she or anyone in her generation could keep headphones on for longer than a few minutes.

I’m not saying they are not capable of it. I am just saying that they don’t have the need to be bound by wires or technology. We’re just a little too used to the idea of personal bubbles. Why do we always feel the need to cut off?

Look at my lovely mum again- she cultivated her voice by listening to the radio. All India Radio btw which is not half bad compared to Shaking Sheila and Murderous Munni (I have both these songs on my playlist. In my defense, I might need to dance at any time you know?). Radio time was after hours with the whole family on the veranda taking in the lovely Nasik night sky and air. Not exactly my favourite scenario. But, even if you were my Dad in Mumbai at that time, you’d know that this peace was hard to come by and when it did, it was bliss. And they did not need personal bubbles to enter and zone out.

We all want to plug in and stay away from the crowd. Everyone wants to be different. But all I think we’re becoming is this-


I know right? Pot calling the kettle black. I am known by the shiny green-ness on my neck that I call my headphones. I don’t leave the house without my music.

But I just wonder what we’d be if we were not designed to be plugged in.

AH well- do we have a choice when we don’t want to listen? When we don’t want to try?

On a lighter note, I think headphones are just a way of experiencing what our life would feel like if it came with background music. 🙂


  1. i’ll agree with the fact that we’re not meant to be wired.
    or have so much to do at our disposal.

    we’re not even meant to wear perfume or dare i say it – clothes, or even live a hundred years, for that matter.

    but we’ve made it so. we want the world to be all about achievement and hard work, and all about getting this one thing in life, that we refer to as a goal.

    we’ve practically built up this entire system, which we think is BETTER, through our own logic. the idea of lying around in caves, without something fancy to do and eating bugs, is just unimaginable to us… we imagine that we’d get bored.
    that’s all because our entire ‘system’ of living life is centered around a few milestones, adrenaline rushes.. and though it may seem shallow, really, is there anything else we strive for?


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