Oh woe.

I have lived a life of all of 18 years. I’ll tell you what hurts the most in all of it.

There was a close competition between “Saying goodbye” and “Never being rewarded for what you deserve”.
But, ah my friends and oh my foes.. (haha. RIP Mr. Dahl) the winner is, undoubtedly, the biggest bitch of them all: “Unrequited love”.

Let’s enter drama queen mode now. I am so tempted to write what I really feel about it. This one-sided pathetic life of the hopelessly devoted.  You feel like the martyr whose name is written under the giant “Jai Hind” but the name that no one ever read and it hurts you. It’s like being an ascetic. I swear. You cut yourself off from everything else that bothers you when this one person is in trouble. You cut yourself off from the world. Period. I am not glorifying our lives. But maybe.. just maybe, our dreams defeat reality. Awesomeness wise and also in terms of their impact.

Lofty existences of dreams where you’re someone else with someone else.


Hard, cold floor you fell on while you dreamed and remembered you have people trying to get to you.

Take your pick, dearies. You know what’s better for you. You know what you want. You know what could make you a martyr. You know what makes you strong.

I stuck with the one thing that will label me a fool in the eyes of Future Me. Either way, she is probably better off than I am right now. She better be.

Anyway- it’s all such a bitch. That’s why do whaaaat? Exactly. Expect nothing more than crap.

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