Where We At.

I’m in one of those moods today. You know, the one in which you have the lyrics of this one song haunting you and making you want to write something about it.

What is it about places that makes you not want to return to them? Bad experiences.

Hmm. Is that the case always? It’s a complex emotion- leaving home. Tis indeed. It’s a complex emotion leaving anyone, really. What stops us from going back?

We’re human. We, like all other animals, get easily accustomed to any place we’re at. We cannot stand change. We cannot stand invasion of our spaces. Going back to something that isn’t our own anymore, makes no sense to most of us. It’s not… comfortable.

Why should I go back home, if not to see you again?

Does that not sound like the voices in your head?

The present is a fence we sit on. The past on one side of the it. The future on the other. What we cannot decide is which side is greener.

Just thinking too much again.

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