Most Epic Moments

If you thought the most epic moment of the match on 2nd April 2011 was Dhoni’s six.. you might be right. But, my list might change your minds:

1. Flags costing more than what they usually do (even on national holidays):

I know, 150 bucks for an Indian flag is a rarity. But, not on the day of a World Cup final outside Wankhede stadium. I must be weird, but this was funny and the same time heart-warming to see people spend that kind of money to prove their love to their team.

2. Silent Chorus of a Nation:

As I pass by Wankhede stadium, overwhelmed to a large extent already, I hear a single silent chorus of “Chak De India”. Everyone singing in unison (and in tune, surprisingly) made me realise again, how awesome we could be 🙂

3. The guy singing Chak De:

I know it’s really funny (sometimes) when people sing in trains. I may be a little ruthless, but that IS true. This guy, however, was singing at a time when India had to still crusade through the 2nd innings. Hearing him sing this song made my heart go out to him. And made me believe a little 🙂

4. The dudes arguing on the streets:

“Nahi nahi. Tu dekh. India hi jeetega!”

Nuff said.

Maybe, I’m a little too emotional about this. But, the wait was worth it all

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