Breakable Girls And Boys

We all need help. No, I am not screaming “THE WORLD IS GOING TO END!” or defacing human intelligence. I am sure we lack none of the latter. I mean, you (yeah, you very very bored person) are not strong. Sure, you have your mechanisms to smile when it hurts because big girls don’t cry. As for the boys, they were not meant to cry to begin with yeah? Tsk tsk.

You are amazing on your own. But, loneliness need not linger. I know I say people suck. But sometimes, I’d say trust yourself to be able to open up and not make a fool of yourself. We all need somebody to lean on (8) 🙂

Crying, as I see it, is a sign of strength. Being a wuss is different. But, crying in public when you cannot hold it in anymore is. The days when your throat feels like a giant lump on the verge of bursting and hurting your insides. The days when no drop of rain or glowing flame can cure what’s in your head.

Crying when you want to really let go is strength. It shows that you have decided to bring down the walls of resistance. The resistance to help. The resistance to the actual cure that someone’s caring can bring. The fact that you decided to finally let go of what held you back all day could make you feel better already.

I am not saying crying solves anything. But, you’re not macho man. You need to learn to trust people sometimes. And there will be days when people who know nothing about you will save you. Some days you will just burst if you have no one to talk to. Loneliness can suck when it wants to.

So, it’s either the solution I give now or living with the lump inside. Let it grow and we shall see what a lovely rootless tree you become. Don’t let your pride stop you. Nor your fear of insignificance. Your fears may be someone else’s too. Sharing never changes what is there. It just feels good to not be alone.

The human race is a lonely bunch at the core of it all. Why are searching for intergalactic civilisations so extensively?

Like Ingrid Michaelson beautifully puts it: “Cause we are breakable, breakable, breakable girls and boys”


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