So Yesterday.

The past has ways of being a bitch. Oh no, I know a dirty word. But, you know what I mean.

So what we do when we have to deal with a bitch? We bite back. We fight back. We move away. Or we brush her under the carpet of our minds. What else can we do? Yeah. I don’t know how else yet.

The things I have noticed about bitches is that they always remain bitches and that they creep out with their nasty behaviour and bite you when you least expect them to. Ouch.

I recently decided to get over with it and snap back at my bitch. I took my sword of forgetfulness and decided to chop her head off. My violent side had just lashed out when Past decided to give it a fight. She reminded me what I had. She reminded me of what I had to lose. She reminded me of what I could gain from a truce. She reminded me of what I was. I used to be. Starry-eyed, I stared into her crystal ball of beautiful memories. Lost.

Silly girl she was.

Why get into the gruesome details of a sword fight? Let’s just say I had a lot to lose. But not enough for her to stay alive.

Hey, I got a head on my shoulders to keep the best of what I had.  The rest can be slayed. I know that now. I know that now.

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