What are you afraid of?

Fear is just the beginning of love. 

Agree. Disagree. I don’t care. 
I, for one, don’t know. Does this mean that love is based on fear? Or does it mean that we live in fear of losing someone we love? I believe in the beauty of love. What I don’t know is how it works. What are we so afraid of? That we may end up liking someone who is not related to us, or is the self? Or are we afraid of an "us"? 
I know what it feels like to be afraid of love. The unknown has the capability of instilling that in us. I don’t know what it is. I dare not define it. I may be wrong. And, I hate being wrong. I am not going to give a flowery approach to this. But, in an attempt to solve this, I need to know what love is. 
I just that read that all over again and realised I am overthinking this as usual. I don’t know what we are scared of.  But, I can only describe what it feels like- that fear. It’s like you know that the other person is not really there. It feels like an illusion at the core of it all. When you feel it, you don’t know just then. When it passes, you know you’re in trouble. It’s like you know you don’t deserve it, so you run from it.
Then again, it feels good to be needed. Notice- I said needed. Feeling loved by someone who is not family is still to happen to me. It’s nice to have someone say they need you to be around. It’s like coming home to something. I say it a lot. About this, I do. 
Stability, love. The answer is stability. 
What’s the question?


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