Mind V/s the World

The other day I sat next to this dude in class who I have barely even spoken to before. He randomly asks me, “So, we haven’t spoken much, have we?” Of course it was awkward, but hey. It all begins that way. We got talking and I knew he was a little cuckoo up in his head. So, when he mentioned that, I said: “Well, I just think that the more fucked your head is, the more normal you are.”

I got back to my little hole and started thinking about this. How does a mind get fucked anyway? The world is my answer. We have a lot to see and take in. At the risk of sounding like my professor, I’d say there is way too much information and very few filters for them. Chuck the bit about information. But, I guess the world works in such ways that we cannot help but wonder at the marvels of its hypocrisy and how much it (Let’s face it) sucks. Optimism, screw you.
Then again, a messed up personality is just a phase, I guess? Isn’t that what they say? I mean, I know that I should be the all-knowing one here. The one who gives a solution to your messed up head. But, being in my head has taught me that this is NOT a state/phase. It’s an opinion. And then another. And then another squillion opinions piled onto those. The mind is messed when we spend time thinking about those opinions and finding ways to articulate them to suit society. Mind v/s The World.
Tracking the workings of a mind is hard. The mind works in funny ways. It needs no license or permission to linger where it wants to. Self control is not an acquired art, but rather, a way of letting the mind linger somewhere else till it tickles you with ideas of what you should and should not do.
My mind is a lot like me too. A little music and demonstration of love and it gets talking. HA! Too late sucker. I know what’s going on. What are you going to do about that? I love fighting with myself. I just need a reason to start thinking and then, it can turn into overthinking. Whatever it is, my mind has never ceased to shut up since the day it knew words. I speak up, or I shut up. It all comes down to not me, but the way I see the world.
Mind v/s the World, mon cher.

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