"You know what’s
really sad? I’ll spend the rest of my life trying to forget you. And,
you’ll spend the rest of yours, Never thinking about me again."

It’s funny how many people come into your life and you never forget them cause your memory never lets you. Either that, or just the mere impact that they had on you. Something they said will remain etched as if said to you just then. But, the sad part is that everything ends. Moments pass- I learnt that pretty early. But, I never applied. Life in those moments ends. People move on and forget you. Even if they do not forget you, they never get to see you ever again. Why? I do not have all the answers here.
Goodbye is the saddest word. What else can I say? I know how much I cried when I said it to my friends this year, knowing I’d probably forget their faces myself too.
I am rambling. Guess I just miss my favourite people.

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