A hate note on love

Some people think that I need a boyfriend. Sure. Where is the guy? If it’s worth it, I’ll even be a sappy fucking girlfriend to someone who will not even care after a while. 

I don’t get the concept of "love" that is in people’s minds these days. I mean, you go out with someone and that is IT? How do you know you are in love? Where is all the love coming from?! What is it but a definite increase in endorphins, serotonin and in some cases, adrenaline? I’m sorry if I am pissing anyone off with my cynicism, but, love in all its glory is NOT romance. I don’t know what it is, but it is not definitely not the current definition. Love is not attraction. It makes me sad to see people perceive it that way and feel so strongly about it -_-
Love isn’t a known emotion. A lot has been written/said/sung about it. But, we will never truly know what it is. That’s the beauty of it all. The miracle is so pure that you could get lost in it, like a maze. You don’t even realise it. I guess it is how the Big Guy chooses to keep some things a mystery, by making us forget. Like an amazing curse. We lose so much of ourselves in the experience that we forget to observe it. It is like the Quantum Theory. A futile attempt. 
What I do want to know is why it is said to be so "powerful". I bet it is like silence. Overrated. They say that a moment of silence can help discover a lot. I disagree. Stillness helps. It is when you can hear the sounds and take it in. THAT helps. Not silence. Silence is awkward. 
I don’t know why I think so much about this.
So maybe I should never speak up.
"No, I am never speaking up.
Starting now…"

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