I hate being away from my favourite people. You see, that is the biggest disadvantage of growing up. You also tend to grow apart. It is ok to say you will keep in touch. How many of them actually can, is the sad story. Time is a major constraint. And if you are in India, living in hostel…you can comfortably include range problems and pissing your friends off because of it.

Ignoring friends and moving onto family, I think that somewhere it is definitely harder to love them when you were never around them to know anything about them at all. I also agree that family is never meant to know you the way your friends do, but distance makes it worse. Ask an NRI. You will know.
A close friend of mine said that distance is the ultimate test of love. I agree, but, I personally find it hard to fathom how someone can stay away from someone they love. It is pathetic and unrequired. Honestly, people think they can handle it. But, the truth is- no one ever can. This almost  never works. I have no issues with people who think otherwise and I actually do hope they work out. But damn, you know I hate hope yeah? Call me a buzzkill, but I guess I am just way too practical.
Distance does NOT make the heart grow fonder. You only end up missing people way too much and not being able to see them. But, then there are those who help you get over the fact that life sucks without your favourite people. Even if it is for a while…. (:
Then, you get home and see a message from a friend and grin like an idiot, call them back and scream: “BUUUMM!!”
That’s when you know the shit and worse is all worth it. Every bit of it. Even if your day was bad.

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