College- Friends, masti, love, life
Hostel- Independence, midnight snacks, bunk beds, giggly girl friends
Clubbing- Dancing, loud music, drinking

ALL IN ALL, the above things are supposed to be FUN!
Let’s get to the point. All of that is..A LIE! *dramatic music*

I am not going to go into the details of why I hated it and why I loved the things I mentioned above. Of course, so far, I have found no reason to like my current residence. Hostel sucks hard. Period. So just read on, I think the text will explain it all. 

I am sorry to pop anyone’s bubbles there. But, the whole point of this is to let you know that not everything is what it seems. And I am stating the obvious when I say that. But, thou hath been warned. It is not about the experience. It is the people that fuck it up. I have had enough of people telling me what it is like. Lemme tell you something, don’t even go by what I am telling you. Fuck up your own lives, dearies. It’s fun. Trust me. When I look back on the past month, I don’t think I have called more people to cry on the phone than I did last month. But, you know what? I know now that some people still care and that’s why they are the people you should stick to. Cause you see, I never notice the small things till I have people point it out to me. I am always told to let go of the people I knew and move on to new ones. I am sorry to disappoint you, real world, but I am not going to fake it to deal with you. Yes, I am standing up to you. 
The things that are supposed to be the best about the best things in life are-in fact- not. The things that make up the best part of the experience are AGAIN, the people and the little things they say or do. Like, that one girl who came when I was sniffing lonely on a bench in college, and told me -"I cannot fake it". Or the guy who went to a club, didn’t get a sip to drink and told me in my face-"I cannot dance". Or that girl who came up to me in hostel and said- "You should know you can trust me". These people made me smile. These people made it shine. But, sadly…moments pass.
I will learn eventually of the truth of some of the cliches….till then, I expect nothing more than crap. 

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