Save Stripey

I am the daughter of a person who works in the advertising industry. I had been told quite early that ads are just a bunch of strategies and schemes to make us buy stuff. So, usually…criticising ads or trying to make sense of it is something that my Dad and I do…just like other kids like to go out and spend Daddy’s money as their idea of quality time. Anyway, that is another topic for another time.

However, what I do wanna talk about is the "Stripey the Cub" ads that have been showing on TV lately, thanks to Aircel. The main ads that we have is just a bunch of celebrities doing their smooth talk and the big, echoing number- 1411. It all seems phony, till they know exactly how to get into your head. And, sometimes, even your heart. The ad starts with a super cute cub (now tagged Stripey -_-) supposedly looking for his mum who is probably dead. You hear the gunshot, and the clichéd birds flying…..and then you see the cub with its ears down, and its almost pleading look as it voicelessly calls out for his mum. Really, call me a girl. But, I know you’d fall for it too. I was almost in tears. And few things that are broadcast on TV move me.

All they need and all we have to do is to give these cubs a chance to live. Very easy thing to do. Just hear them out.

This is not my best attempt. But, it would be nice if you just go see the ad first..Tell others. Join the Stripey Fan Club on FB. Tweet. Talk. Sign. Visit the Save The Tigers website. Find out how YOU can help. I am trying too 🙂

As for Stripey, we can’t really get his mum back. But hey…maybe we could get him a cute tiger chick eh? What say? 😛

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