Who has time?

My My My! It’s been more than a month since I updated. Like I said, who has time? I tried hard and harder to get my ass down here..but alas! Time binds me in various ways. So, let me just say what my life has been like. I will try to keep it as short as possible.

October was a long month of hugs and "I-missed-you"s. A month of personal victories is another way to put it. The fear of the H1N1 virus did not hit me (for one) as I scoffed at the panic attacks experienced by many. School brought with it renewed and suppressed pressures to deal with. Hard decisions to make for everyone around.

The weather changes and so does the month as we entered November. I only have one word for November- Hard. It was an emotionally rough time as I tried to deal with changes. Changes in people, perceptions, thoughts….everything. It is hard enough when you think that you’ll have to let go of what you care for, but when everything just hits you at once….you have no choice but to break down.

WHOA! Too much emotion. It wasn’t as bad as I make it sound though. There is always fun where my friends are involved. It was hard…but I will not be ungrateful today. Thank God for them..otherwise ..well… I may as well have been typing from a mental ward 😀

So, yes.. on a final note, as I cut this monologue to an end, I would just like to mention a small but very obvious observation about the universe- Everything Ends.


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