Chris Guillebeau

About a couple of weeks back, as I was busy refreshing the FB homepage again and again, I saw a link posted by one of my FB friends which took me to a site that has introduced me to my new philosphical guru, Chris Guillebeau.

Chris Guillebeau is a guy who follows the Art of Noncomformity and runs a site by the same name. In his words, he has been "challenging authority since 1978". His mission in life is to "help people live unconventional lives, make their own choices, and change the world." He has taken an oath to travel all the countries in the world and has been to over a 100 of them already. He blogs about his travels to every part of the world and encourages everyone to live life just the way he is. He has (in the last month that I have been following him) taught me to choose to be remarkable, to not be afraid to have fears and learn to face them if I can’t fight them, to travel without fear, to know that some things in life that we may consider necessary are just not. Let me clarify one thing. He is not a preacher or a self-help guide. He in fact considers himself to be more of an ass kicking guy than any of that shit. He runs marathons for the heck of it and like Jim Carrey in Yes Man has agreed to say yes to life (minus the drastic results though). In short – and this may sound a bit immature- Chris Guillebeau is indeed the most KICKASS GUY I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS!

Before I discovered him and his writing, I believed my life was this particular road map that I had to follow. Arrive, walk, grow up, join college, marriage, kids, retirement which finally would lead me to the end. Yeah, I’d somewhere even find some time to travel and make my own mistakes. But, he has made me wanna make a few changes in the plan. Maybe even shift me to another road. I always wanted to travel, skip college, forget the rules that stick me to the road. I always questioned the same vicious circle that we have been stuck in for generations. Maybe this is the time that we all maybe started doing that. Is life really all about earning the big bucks? Whatever happened to appreciating the small things in life? Not like I will really skip college and give up everything to travel. I want to experience that part of my life. But, maybe I don’t want to experience other parts of the world when my life is on the brink and I am about to die any minute.

I know it all sounds very idealistic and very easy to do and is actually not. But, you know…no one ever said life is easy. If you are really ready to take the leap of faith (and God knows I still am not) maybe this is the best decision you will ever make. The decision to be remarkable. The decision to not conform to the norms of society and try to live life and make a few changes in others’ too.

Thanks a lot, Chris. And if I ever do jump off when I decide my plan of attack and actually travel…you should know that I owe it to you 🙂

If anyone wants to know more about Chris, you can go check out his website and read some of his articles. They are worth the read.

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