All About My Brother

I miss my brother. Now, you may think where a new brother of mine cropped up from. No, this is not Nick (who’s imaginary) but my real one… my cousin, Yo. Alexander Yohann Philip. I called him Hansu when I was a kid. I was pretty convinced that he was my twin brother till we were 4 cause we are the same age except that I am older by 1 and a half month. We lived like brothers. We fought, we played in his toy car- me in the frock and him in his huge cowboy hat- in the afternoons, we sang songs, we slept together, I jammed his hand in a door once and he argued with me and made me cry all the time. Yo used to sing really well. I remember getting jealous when my mum used to ask him to sing “My heart will go on” and how he used to sing it better than I ever can. I barely hear his voice now.

All this was for a while till JJ came when we were 5. His real younger brother. He demanded all of Yo’s attention and care, and being the coolest elder bro ever, he gave just that. Not like I am jealous of JJ, I love him just as much (maybe even more)..but I am just stating how things changed over the years. Even after JJ came, I don’t think things changed as much….we still hung out and tried to include little JJ in everything. I remember this one time where we got into a huge pillow fight and how it turned into the “Sleepover Olympics” . The main events were pillow fighting, butt kicking, block breaking, blanket hiding, pinning and most importantly…The JJ crushing. Haha. JJ could crush us anyday with that Hug Of Death of his. So, JJ pretty much is the only thing that held us then and holds us even now.

Our mums are both pretty strict, especially his. I remember how he cried like a baby when he broke his violin bow at 10. When he sat crying, I remember consoling him and telling him not to cry. I felt like crying too, at that time. I guess he returned the favour a few years later when I was alone in India for a holiday. I was sitting on the bed and crying cause someone said something nasty to me and he was studying like he was asked to. HE was the one who had hugged me then and consoled me. I was on the brink of turning into a wreck (or so 13-yr-old me thought). He stopped it from happening.

Things REALLY changed when we were 11…when Best Friend came.  Best Friend took my place as the 3rd bro. I say this ignoring the fact that my first reaction to him was complete awe and still is. Not just him, but, I was growing up too. I started noticing that boys were a “different species”. I remember him being the first person to know about my crush on Daniel Radcliffe. Now that I look back I notice that he did keep it a secret like I asked him to. He never outed me. But, when Best Friend came… I was well, a girl. 

Time passed. Yo is now a health junkie, loves kung fu & hip-hop and rap. He is also distant. But, he is a nice jerk. He is my bro!! I haven’t seen him for months and that never used to happen. It never bothered me till right now.

I have a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye right now as I think of how I miss being his sis. I miss laughing till my tummy hurts cause that’s what used to happen when he made us laugh. I miss singing with him… I don’t even know his favourite song!!


Can you find him? He is taller than me, funny, loves to argue, drinks tea a lot, reads while eating, draws really well and has a dimple on his right side.

He was the first guy I ever knew. He was the sun in my storm. He was my brother….


UPDATE – It was his 20th birthday on the 15th of June, 2013. God, we’re old. Full missing scenes happening here. He is now married. To Science. AH well. 🙂


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