Mere Khwaab Bhi Kaminey

I was just listening to this song and it rings so true in real life too. The lyrics are amazing and because I am utterly jobless, I thought let’s talk about this!

We all dream. Some dream big, some small. Especially since we are so young, I think we tend to dream bigger than usual. Larger than life, sometimes. These people want radical change. Let us become richer than the richest men alive, let us kill Bush, marry a rockstar/movie star, let us kill all terrorists on earth-i agree they should be killed, but whoa! slow down there buddy. This attitude is what makes America seem so cruel.

Then, there are those smaller dreams. They seem so insignificant because everyone has them, but they are actually nice to hear about. Getting into MIT/IIT, big jobs that pay the rent, dying happily, buying a house. These poeple make me smile, cause they focus so hard on these tiny dreams. They have every detail clear in their head. They can imagine getting there…like it’s the surest thing in their lives. I wish I had that sense of surety and confidence that they do.

However, these small dreams are the ones that hurt the most when they break. I guess the reason behind this is that because the dreams are smaller, people feel that it will be easier to get them fulfilled. And, when these dreams do break, all you can feel is "I didn’t ask for anything more than this. Why me?" This is when dreams turn kaminey. They hurt when they break.

I am not discouraging anyone from harbouring whatever they dream of. Dreams are necessary to life. I believe that if we stopped dreaming, we would never have been where we are as a race. If we stopped dreaming, we don’t really have a purpose in life. Sometimes, the most insignificant of dreams can give hope and life to a heart. You can’t just chuck that part of being human. Even the most evil of people have dreams. When one breaks, losing heart is natural….but giving up in dreams itself is not.

I am writing this now, because I see people around me doubt in their dreams and people, you really should not. Be what you want. Be your dream and live it.

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