I’m baa-aack/Specimens I see at the Airport

Yes, you have read right. After a long break of 48 days and an immense amount of fun (for a change)….it is now Goodbye Mumbai and Hello Riyadh. I am back home and basking in the advantages of being here. I am armed with all-night air conditioning, back in my own room, loud music at 3 am, movies on the laptop and last and most IMPORTANTLY….Ergie!! The love of my life. I have never been so relieved to see him as I was when I got back home a few days ago on the 11th September. However, my TV is fucked up ad so is my phone and the present internet connection is from my dad so that I can finish it all up…..*sigh* The miseries of being a teenager in the 21st century.

The journey was amazing for all those who wanted to know. The flight was empty so I could afford to spread out and sleep well on a flight. Plus, I love flying anyway….so I will never rarely say anything bad about that. However, more than the journey I love to see the kinds of people that we encounter at the airport. Since aeroplanes are so frequently used by people of all types, there a quite a few very interesting people that you may see…if you keep your eyes open and are ready to observe. For example, let us meet the 3 people who interested me the most.

Number 1: The Curlyhaired Loner Hottie

This fellow was the first thing I saw at the entrance of the airport along with a group of hippies. I immediately assumed he was one too, but rid myself of that assumption when I saw the hippies hanging around the duty free without him. He may have come with a single friend or not….but whatever it was- his red curly hair, height or extreme hotness- he seemed to be a cut apart from the rest. I won’t lie. I do admit that I did harbour a crush for him till he disappeared with the other faces. Oh well, all I have to say is that you will be missed Mr. Curlyhead. I hope you boarded the flight to Johannesburg that night cause if you did, I believe that you are South African. And God knows how much I love the South African accent ๐Ÿ˜€

Number 2: Taiwanese Drunk Dancer

He was the most interesting of all owing to the fact that he was drunk/high and red in the face. Filling his form behind me, he was giggling to himself as he bent over the form struggling to remember his own name or DOB….thus, catching my attention. This man is the type of guy who when you see for the first time seems like an innocent (even naive) tourist types….but he was the coolest of that species!! While writing this too, I am struggling to find words to describe him because I want his to be the best and perfect…which is odd since his condition was neither of those. He screamed to himself "Taiwan!" when had to fill his POB. At the immigration line as well, he was busy doing this personal jig of his own. Lmao. Sadly though, that was the last I ever saw of Taiwanese dude. I hope that the next time I get the golden opportunity see him…I get to see him fun and drunk again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Number 3: Crazy Headbanger

This guy was in the line for security check way ahead of me. I was minding my own business while he was listening to his iPod. Normal eh? Get this…he was banging his head and lip syncing along with the song. His track was pretty loud and due to that, his mumbling was pretty loud. I was intrigued by this person because he actually had the guts to do that in public. *salute* However, as I was thinking that to myself and going in for my check….I did forget that I am in public too and did the rock horns as a salute to him and that is when he turns around and gives me a WTF look….hahaha….well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, Mr. Headbanger? ๐Ÿ˜›

Those were the experiences and a few of the various samples we encounter at the airport…I even saw these two Indian soap stars with awful make up, a lady with dirty orange hair and another interesting specimen. Now this guy I didn’t mention in my top 3 because… I am, frankly, afraid to….but let me just say this. It was pretty close to my heart and I probably won’t forget seeing a person like that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Life back in Riyadh however, is pretty crappy. But, then again…I practice what I preach and never ever expect anything more than crap ๐Ÿ˜€


  1. Haha. Funny post. Observing people at airports can be so much fun.And I like the South African accent too. It’s one of those accents that’s really really hard to imitate. Although Leonardo Dicaprio did a pretty good job of it in Blood Diamond.


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