Bring On The Rain

I have always been a bit obsessed with the rain. I love it regardless of all the possible destruction it can cause to society, homes, hair and shoes. I.DO.NOT.CARE! This is the main reason I love Mumbai. The monsoons here are awesome.

Especially since the past few days, it has been amazing. I wake up to the sound of raindrops on my window and sleep to the same tune. It actually makes me wanna wake up….and that is unusual for me. The rain makes me feel that I am not alone. It also makes me WISH that I am not alone.
Call me girly, but I really BELIEVE that rain is cute.

I’m alone, on my own
The rain is all I have
The droplets move around me
They have a path to follow
Along my skin and away

I could sit here forever
The patter of the raindrops
Replacing every doubt and voice in me
Yes, I would love to leave this be

I have the lyrics in my head
The rain knows the tune
So we sing alone, yet together
To the harmony of this silent noise

It’s not stopped yet
It won’t stop just yet
I wish it never does
My way has to be open
Just long enough for me to escape with it and never turn around

I don’t care if the thunder and lightning care to join
I’m not afraid
I’d love our tune to echo everywhere
Let it rain
Let it pour
I am alone
But now I know
Now I know…………


  1. Emjoying the rain huh?Get me some Mumbai ka rain =)P.S-Its me who’s commenting not my sister she was signed in so I commented from her accout I was very lazy to sign into mine =P


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