Just FYI, for those who were not in contact with me then…I attended my cousin’s college festival… Malhar’s Infusion Night yesterday! She goes to St. Xavier’s here in Mumbai where Malhar is a pretty big deal for Xavierites and other colleges who compete in the competitions held there. It (according to my sis Betsy) is the main reason she chose Xavier’s as her college.

I went with Tasha, one of my BFFs (getting her there was a huge thing in itself)..stood in a line and got in after a good security check. After hanging around for a while, doing a bit of shopping (on the shopaholics insistence) and munching on a chicken roll..we got evacuated and back again in the same line where Tasha and me got completely drenched and laughed our asses off about that.

When the show FINALLY started, I was pretty amused by the amount of talent some people have. For example, a dude who was playing along with his band managed to shift between a mandolin, a flute, a violin AND a trumpet within the two pieces that they performed. Then, a couple of performances later, the same dude appeared on stage with a guitar in hand. Amazing is not the word. The other bands also played a few of my favourites (Yellow..Hey Jude..Champagne Supernova..Pehli Baar Mohabbat)..but they were just OK. The best was about to come (or so it seems) when we had to leave as per the time promised to Tasha’s mum. The way back was just us chatting away, discussing songs and things to do before she leaves for Riyadh and leaves me alone here 😦

All in all, quite the experience! and of course, my favourite part..THE RAIN which adds fun to the most mundane of things. I would love to come back again (this time as a Xavierite) and see the whole thing for a change.

PS- Before I finish, I must mention that every volunteer in every section of the Malhar management did the best they could to make sure we had fun. I feel horrible that they had to withstand all the rain and stress to get the goal..but yeah…you guys were pretty good at what y’all did. Kudos to that! 🙂

The band with that dude who could play loadsa instruments *_*

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