The First Of Many (I hope)


Yes. That is my current status. I am here in Mumbai on my vacations, very bored..when I stumble upon my friend’s space and think:"Maybe I can do it" (Thanks, Nabeela for the inspiration). I begin and here we are… The first blog already pending! I have nothing to really discuss or talk about at the moment. I started this in hope that I can vent out when I wish to. An online diary..isn’t that what blogs are usuallly like? However, I do not want to follow norms or cliches. I will talk about what I want. This is maybe the only way I can do that.

It is funny how we fight for freedom and when we get it..we don’t know what to do with it. My freedom of speech lies with me and I have no idea what I can do with it. He he.

Tomorrow, my friend Aarathi will be back from her coaching centre. I hope she likes this when I tell her about it. HEY AARATHI!! 😀

I will reveal a bit more about myself later..maybe tomorrow? Never know when I may overload you with that uninteresting crap.

Like I said, don’t expect anything more than crap.


  1. I just discovered this blog and sonia, I don’t think I’m running out of reading material any soon. I just hope my own blog lasts as long as yours did.


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